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GAYUIN, Berber word used by desert dwellers to designate the Pharaoh Eagle Owl (Bubo Ascalaphus). We consider this bird a symbol of the country and one of the ornithological jewels that we can find in the south, in the Sahara Desert.

Gayuin Birding Tours is based in the south, in the Sahara Desert of Morocco. After several years of guiding for other companies, Brahim Mezane established the company in 2013 to be able to offer his own tours and activities.

Gayuin Birding Tours gives you a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience during your stay in Morocco. We have several tour programs you can choose from, and We would also love to take you on a custom tour that will allow you to see exactly what you want. We will be happy as long as you are happy. We also want to show you the Berber and nomad way of life while enjoying all the beauty that Morocco has to offer.

We do things informally, differently, and with total dedication. You are not only tourists but a honored guest and new friend for us. When you leave, we hope you to take a piece of Morocco in your heart.

  Our group tours will always have small numbers so we can promise you won't be lost in the crowd. The full tours concentrate on providing a complete experience, we don't just dash from bird to bird but take time to enjoy what our surroundings have to offer.

Gayuin Birding Tours Mission is to discover the birds, wildlife, nature, beauty and magic of Morocco to give you a perfect holiday and an unforgettable journey.
Mohamed Ouddou (Expert driver)

36 Years, excellent driver, over 12 years of experience on the roads of the country, Mohamed speaks French, Spanish, Arabic and Berber.

The team of "Gayuin Birding Tours" look forward for birding with you in Morocco!

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Gayuin Birding Tours Transports

Gayuin Birding Tours Team:

"The experience always allow us to satisfy the needs of our travelers."
Hamid Mezane ( Driver/Tour Leader)

30 Years, was born in the sahara desert of Morocco, having a Berber father and mother. He is an enthusiastic birder and experienced guide. Hamid is been working for us since 2014 and he is been a hugely successful leader in many of our desert trips in Erg Chebbi dunes, Merzouga and Rissani areas, Hamid speaks French, Spanish, Arabic, Berber and some english.
Brahim Mezane (Manager/Tour Leader)

32 Years "Let's go to Morocco" organizes your travel to Morocco. With many years experiences, knows well as Morocco, as knows his pockets! Brahim is the principal of Gayuin Birding Tours and guides most tours over the country. He can arrange transport, accommodation or whatever else you might need while in Morocco. Brahim speaks English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and Berber.
Hamid 1 (Expert driver)

33 Years, excellent driver, over 8 years of experience on the roads of the country, Hami speaks French, English, Arabic and Berber.

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